Ep-61: A Serbian Film.

Ep-60: Anguish.

Ep-59: Sometimes Michael Conrad Comes Back.

Ep-58: Get Out, Love Witch!

Ep-57: Rings.

Ep-56: Beast Mode.

Ep-55: Spasms (Go Home Snake, You're Drunk)

Ep-54: Things That Go Lump in the Night.

Ep-53: Barbara Crampton.

Ep-52: Twas The Midnight Before Christmas.

Ep-51: Tourist Trap.

Ep-50: The Mangler (Night Shift Series #2)

Ep-49: Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of Halloween.

Ep-48: The Blair Whoosh.

Ep-47: 31 / Baskin

Ep-46: Graveyard Shift (Night Shift Series #1)

Ep-45: Don't Breathe / Lights Out

Ep-44: The Conjuring 2

Ep-43: Miss Poopinplatz If You're Nasty.

Ep-42: The Record Stuffin' Party Massacre. (Part 2)

Ep-41: The Record Stuffin' Party Massacre. (Part1)

Ep-40: "You'll Be The Worm Face."

Ep-39: LIVE! from Silver Scream Fest 2016 

Ep-38: The VVitch + Southbound.

Ep-37: Philip Kim & Neil Pearlmutter.

Ep-36: Prince of Dorkness.

Ep-35: A Very Merry Krampusode

Ep-34: Forever Midnight Snacks (guest: Matthew Izen)

Ep-33: "Thank God Tremors 3 Is On..."

Ep-32: The Diapening.

Ep-31: Scream-a-thon Part 2.

Ep-30: Scream-a-thon Part 1.

Ep-29: Pornogeist.

Ep-28: Cronenpaloozerg! (guest: Michael Conrad)

Ep-27: It Follows, Starry Eyes, Honeymoon.

Ep-26: Andras Jones

Ep-25: Miko Hughes

Ep-24: Horns & Tusks

Ep-23: Tom McLoughlin

Ep-22: The Ultimate Friday The 13th Extravaganza! (a.k.a. "Jason Goes To Jail") With Guest Josh Drake.

Ep-21: William Lustig

Ep-20: "London is a One-Knife Town"

Ep-19: "Merry Christmas You Son of a Bitch"

Ep-18: The Passion Of The Kong (With Guest Michael Conrad)

Ep-17: Xtro, Nightbreed, DebLo... SPIDERSNAKE!

Ep-16: Tales From Days Of The Dead

Ep-15: Your Meatwork Is Incredible. (With Guest Pat Healy)

Ep-14: Stay Brown, Ponyboy. (With Guest Jacy McIntosh)

Ep-The 13th: With Guest Mark Borchardt

Ep-12: More Brains!

Ep-11: The Triple X-isode!

Ep-10: Tales From Monsterpalooza

Ep-9: William Katt

Ep-8: The MEXorcist

Ep-7: Video Nasties

Ep-6: Body Parts (with guest Dustin Heald)

Ep-5: Carrie (1976 vs 2013)

Ep-4: Poltergeist (with guest Michael Grais)

Ep-3: You're Next!

Ep-2: The Conjuring

Ep-1: Maniac