Offical Art The Clown Pin + Patch.

 The Official "Art The Clown" enamel pins and patches are here!! We are so stoked to work on this new pin and patch with Writer/Director/FX artist Damien Leone creator of "Art the Clown" and the films -Terrifier (the super scary short film that led to All Hallow's Eve and a full length Terrifier film coming soon) both featuring one of the scariest characters to come along in many years!! So grab one if you dare!

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Below is a little trailer for the short film that got us hooked on this crazy clown. Get into it.

But be on the look out for the full length Terrifier feature film coming very soon. We will keep you posted with an official trailer and release date when it drops, as we are so very excited about about it. (as if you couldn't already tell)

2 brand new pins!!!

We just dropped not one, but two brand new pins today! and I'm so excited about them both.

-The first of the two new pins is also the first pin we have released with our name! Our new "Forever Midnight" pin is now available at ForeverMidnight.Net! Pin design by one of our favorite artists Matt Darling. check out more of his stuff at

-The second brand new pin design we bring you was inspired by the Old cover art for the Stephen King Anthology "Night Shift"! We all grew up loving this cover and our very own Josh Staples designed this pin. We couldn't be more stoked about it.

Head over to our store right now to pick them up and other goodies before they are all gone!

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The Vinyl Score w/ guest Forever Midnight.

We got the pleasure of being guests on the latest episode of The Vinyl Score! A fantastic show for all you record collectors and horror film score maniacs. It was a lot of fun and the host really knows his stuff. I highly recommend checking them out and giving a them a follow. And hopefully this will tide you over until we put out our a new episode. Thanks for hanging in there.


New Episode!

Alright ch'all. Another new episode is all ready here. Check the blurb and click the link. No reason to wait. Just get right into it. And please take a second and hit that subscribe button for us. You won't regret it.

In this demon filled episode the FM3 take you on a journey into the 1990's with two gems from the land of Beanie Babies and Grunge music. First off, we talk about the 1995 Crypt Keeper-curated: "Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight"! We get into why Billy Zane’s synthetically crafted good looks make him the perfect villain, using J.C.’s blood as a demon door stop and how Jada Pinkett (Smith) does her own hair, motherfuckers! Next up, we talk about the 1991 sleeper hit, "The Boneyard" featuring Phyllis Diller, some weird dead demon kids and probably the most unsuspecting hero badass ever. So grab your rollerblades and hold onto your dicks - the FM3 are trading our Pogs for a couple of sweet 90's horror flicks!


Ep-43: Miss Poopinplatz If You're Nasty.

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Record Stuffin' Part 2 is now up.

The conclusion to our two part Coven record stuffin' ramblings is here. We know our die hard FM fans will enjoy, or anyone who has ever wish to know what's it like to hang out with us while we work on a project. Here ya' go. But rest assured, a new "normal" FM episode is right around the corner. Until next time, freaks. Peace, love and horror movies.

Ep-42: The Record Stuffin' Party Massacre. (Part 2)

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