Episode 20 is here!

Ep-20: “London is a One-Knife Town”.

In this installment, the REAL curse of “The Woman In Black” is that the FM3 can’t stop talking about how shitty these movies are, and Josh spirals into madness trying to recall what other dogshit films it brings to mind. On a positive note, the boys discuss the inspired “The Babadook”, roll out their fancy new sound effects library, and talk about Damien Leone’s upcoming film “Frankenstein Vs. The Mummy”.

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We've got a very special Christmas gift for you...... Episode 19!!!

Ep-19: "Merry Christmas You Son of a Bitch".

In this special holiday episode, we talk about the best xmas horror film, Bob Clark’s ‘Black Christmas’ from 1974, as well as ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ (1984), New Years Evil (1980), and the reissue of the 1971 classic ‘Tales From The Crypt’. Now, sneak away from your family and giggle your Shitmas away with the FM3…

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Happy Holidays everybody!

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(Note: This got posted to the news section a bit late, but the episode was up on Dec 25th)