Dead Alive Pin!

Yes folks the time has come!  This time we teamed up with the sick artist and pin maker @NachoScratcho  ( to bring you this incredible "Dead Alive" pin featuring the unforgettable scene of the film in which zombie baby Selwyn comes out of a ladies head! If you have not seen this film you gotta track it down and see it, Peter Jacksons finest work! haha (also known by the name "BrainDead") This pin is limited to 100 and will not be made again! so don't waste any time click the link above to our store and get yourself something nice!  

New Episode is here!

Ep-40: "You Be The Worm Face." Is now up and available right here on our website follow this >>LINK<< or find us on iTunes and the Stitcher mobile podcast app. Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a nice review. Thanks for listening!

Yeehaw! The FM3 are back in the saddle with a belly full of worms and “Fats” the Ventriloquist puppet riding shot gun! In this episode we discuss the slippery, slimy backwoods fun of the 1976 film “Squirm”. We also talk about the 1978 film “Magic” and the wonderful world of being a 1970’s schizophrenic Ventriloquist! We also talk about our first Vinyl Soundtrack release as well as a few more ground breaking products that we have to  hit up the patent office about. So don’t be a dummy with worms for brains and join us on this magical journey back to the 1970’s !!! 

New Aylmer pin has hit our store!



Forever Midnight Podcast & Candy Claw have teamed up to bring you this awesome pin & sticker set based on the classic cult movie Brain Damage!

Limited pressing of 100
(50 are being sold via Forever Midnight & 50 are being sold via Candy Claw).


In the event we sell out here, you can also check out CandyClaw.Com

We are so stoked to team up with Candy Claw to present this killer "Screaming Aylmer" pin designed by artist Justin Parker of Candy Claw. 
A tribute to both the Santa Cruz Skateboards "Screaming Hand" graphic and one of our favorite movie monsters "Aylmer" from Frank Henenlotter's Classic "Brain Damage"!

The set includes a
1.5 inch Tall Enamel Pin with
2 clutch posts with military clasps. 
and a beautiful 6 inch die-cut sticker of "Screaming Aylmer"


Meeting with Mark and Patrick

While on tour with his band, Josh met up with Mark Borchardt and Patrick Nettesheim to show them the 'COVEN' records for the first time. They chatted for a while, signed a few records and according to Josh they were both very excited with how they came out. We couldn't be more thrilled to hear that. We are very proud of our first soundtrack release, and hope you all pick one up (available in our store right now). Here are a few photo's from that meeting.

Photos by Sara Sanger.

It's here! Our first Soundtrack release!

COVEN - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Limited Edition Deluxe Vinyl LP

Composed & Performed by Patrick Nettesheim


Forever Midnight is proud to announce the release of the soundtrack album to ‘Coven’ (pronounced like ‘woven’, not like ‘oven’) - the legendary 1997 short horror film by Mark Borchardt. 


Patrick Nettesheim’s score is a brooding assortment of dreamlike synths, overdriven guitars, pounding drums and wailing choirs, all run through a charming and creepy home-recorded filter. From the opening, ominous bending bass hits to the final slow-dancing pianos, this thoughtful soundtrack conjures images of dilapidated scarecrows, haunted drive-ins and black-robed fiends - a perfect compliment to Coven’s stark black and white imagery and harrowing themes.


Mark Borchardt’s ‘Coven’ and its trialled completion are well known as the subject of the award-winning 1999 documentary ‘American Movie’, but ‘Coven’ stands on its own as a unique artistic achievement - successful as both a strong, beautiful work from Borchardt’s storied life in film and as a symbol of the triumph of creativity and drive in the shadow of adverse fortune.


As you can probably tell, it’s one of our faves.


Forever Midnight’s Deluxe Vinyl COVEN LP Includes:

• Heavyweight black vinyl LP, pressed by RTI

• Original hand-painted album art

• Deluxe album jackets with occult spot varnish

• Liner notes by Mark Borchardt & Patrick Nettesheim

• Digital download of entire album

• Jumbo 22” x 34” hand-drawn ‘Coven’ poster

• Hand-numbered FM3 certificate

• Digital download of the film ‘Coven’ (first 500 only)

• A page from the ‘Coven’ screenplay (first 500 only)


LIVE! from Silver Scream Fest.

Oh boy, we’ve got a very special jam-packed episode featuring many guests, including ‘An American Werewolf In London’s’  David Naughton, Lance Ozanix of Skitzo, dear friend and make-up/FX artist Dustin Heald, Writer & Director, James B. Cox, and MORE! Recorded live in the middle of the first ever Silver Scream Fest. 

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