Ep- 28 with guest Michael Conrad.

Here we have it, Episode 28!

In this episode, the Forever Midnight 3 sit down with friend and colleague, Michael W. Conrad to talk about one of the world’s most unique & visionary film directors, David Cronenberg. So many poignant and ridiculous things are discussed in this installment, but as reference markers, we’ve chosen to focus on the Cronen-gems, ’The Dead Zone’, ‘The Fly’, ‘Scanners’ & ‘eXistenZ’. Shit gets kookie.

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For more Michael Conrad, visit his website ( www.mwconrad.com )

FM3 Web Sclusives

We got a fantastic new episode coming out very soon with guest & good friend Michael Conrad. And as expected we ended up talking way too much for a single episode. So unfortunately some things had to be trimmed out. But we don't want these great little snippets to go to waste. So as a special bonus for our website only. we are dropping a couple little nuggs that we had to cut because we may have went a little off the rails. We hope you all enjoy this special FM3 Ep-28 teaser.

For more about Michael Conrad and what he's up to, please visit his website www.mwconrad.com