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In this demon filled episode the FM3 take you on a journey into the 1990's with two gems from the land of Beanie Babies and Grunge music. First off, we talk about the 1995 Crypt Keeper-curated: "Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight"! We get into why Billy Zane’s synthetically crafted good looks make him the perfect villain, using J.C.’s blood as a demon door stop and how Jada Pinkett (Smith) does her own hair, motherfuckers! Next up, we talk about the 1991 sleeper hit, "The Boneyard" featuring Phyllis Diller, some weird dead demon kids and probably the most unsuspecting hero badass ever. So grab your rollerblades and hold onto your dicks - the FM3 are trading our Pogs for a couple of sweet 90's horror flicks!


Ep-43: Miss Poopinplatz If You're Nasty.

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Record Stuffin' Part 2 is now up.

The conclusion to our two part Coven record stuffin' ramblings is here. We know our die hard FM fans will enjoy, or anyone who has ever wish to know what's it like to hang out with us while we work on a project. Here ya' go. But rest assured, a new "normal" FM episode is right around the corner. Until next time, freaks. Peace, love and horror movies.

Ep-42: The Record Stuffin' Party Massacre. (Part 2)

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A very loose new episode is here.

Episode 41 is very unique for us. We all got together to assemble our Coven records and decided to set up our mic's and just hit record and let the conversations fly. What we got is a very loosie goosie  episode that goes to a lot of different places. If you've ever wanted to hang out with Forever Midnight and stuff records, then this episode is for you. Because this is exactly what its like. Hope you all enjoy spending some real time with us. Thanks for listening.

Here it is... Ep-41: The Record Stuffin' Party Massacre. (Part 1)

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Dead Alive Pin!

Yes folks the time has come!  This time we teamed up with the sick artist and pin maker @NachoScratcho  ( to bring you this incredible "Dead Alive" pin featuring the unforgettable scene of the film in which zombie baby Selwyn comes out of a ladies head! If you have not seen this film you gotta track it down and see it, Peter Jacksons finest work! haha (also known by the name "BrainDead") This pin is limited to 100 and will not be made again! so don't waste any time click the link above to our store and get yourself something nice!  

New Episode is here!

Ep-40: "You Be The Worm Face." Is now up and available right here on our website follow this >>LINK<< or find us on iTunes and the Stitcher mobile podcast app. Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a nice review. Thanks for listening!

Yeehaw! The FM3 are back in the saddle with a belly full of worms and “Fats” the Ventriloquist puppet riding shot gun! In this episode we discuss the slippery, slimy backwoods fun of the 1976 film “Squirm”. We also talk about the 1978 film “Magic” and the wonderful world of being a 1970’s schizophrenic Ventriloquist! We also talk about our first Vinyl Soundtrack release as well as a few more ground breaking products that we have to  hit up the patent office about. So don’t be a dummy with worms for brains and join us on this magical journey back to the 1970’s !!!