Ep-21 with special guest William Lustig!

In anticipation of the worldwide debut of the new digital theatrical presentation of 1980’s Maniac’ (one of our absolute favorite movies) this week in Santa Rosa (our favorite town), the FM3 sit down with Director and Producer, William Lustig and talk about the making of ‘Maniac’, the ‘Maniac Cop’ films, and much more! Head to our podcast section right now to listen.

Don't be a fool. If you live in the area go to the Roxy Stadium 14 in downtown Santa Rosa this Thursday night, Jan 29th to catch a special screening of William Lustig's cult classic 'Maniac' and Vigilante’ with a Q&A with the man himself, William Lustig!

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Episode 20 is here!

Ep-20: “London is a One-Knife Town”.

In this installment, the REAL curse of “The Woman In Black” is that the FM3 can’t stop talking about how shitty these movies are, and Josh spirals into madness trying to recall what other dogshit films it brings to mind. On a positive note, the boys discuss the inspired “The Babadook”, roll out their fancy new sound effects library, and talk about Damien Leone’s upcoming film “Frankenstein Vs. The Mummy”.

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